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Mike Kelly Updates
Glioblastoma Diagnosis

Wrigley Field_edited.jpg

Photo taken 10 days before emergency airlift to Columbia 

What Happened?

On Sunday, November 20th, Mike started exhibiting unusual and concerning behaviors. In the morning he did not get up from the couch to get ready for church after being repeatedly prompted by Pam. If you know Mike, you know he is always early to events and never misses a Sunday church service. It happened to be his 70th birthday so Pam thought perhaps he was just caught up in reading and responding to all the Facebook/text birthday well wishes. Later, Mike decided that for his birthday he wanted to invite his sister, Peggy, and good friends, Joe & Sue,  to drive with him to Hannibal, MO which is approximately 1 hour from from home/Keokuk to eat at a restaurant he really enjoys. Mike continued to exhibit concerning behaviors while driving with a car full of people and once they arrived at the restaurant. The collective group was so concerned that they decided to take him immediately to the emergency room in Hannibal. They took a CT scan of his head at the ER and discovered a mass on his brain. He  was immediately airlifted to the Neurosciences Intensive Care unit in Columbia, MO. Pam, Peggy, Joe, and Sue all left the ER in Hannibal and drove together to meet Mike in Columbia. Alaina, Brad, Tyesha, Nicole, & Nate all drove to Columbia on Monday the 21st and were able to see/talk with Mike. Mike went into brain surgery for the removal and testing of the tumor on early Tuesday morning the 22nd. The surgery lasted about 6 hours. Preliminary testing, and now final lab testing, show that Mike's tumor was a glioblastoma -  a very aggressive brain cancer. 

Written 11/27/22 by Mike's Daughter, Nicole.

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